Silence is Golden



But there isn’t going to be a lot of silence at this event on 29 & 30 April 2017. Thankfully. In fact, there is going to be a lot of noise, with several well known authors, poets and writers attending. There will be workshops on ever aspect of the art of writing, and at least four panels that have me watering at the mouth already.

How about Jasper Fforde and Jodi Taylor talking about their work? Or an evening listening to Jo Mazelis read her stunning poetry? Or leading soap script writer Rob Gittins talking about writing for TV? If that doesn’t raise your pulse rate a little, well it should.

Tickets will be available soon, don’t miss out.

Oh, and I’ve been rather honoured to be granted a spot too, at The Angel Inn on the Saturday at 1pm. Yes, I know it is a pub, and I’m usually…

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A Heart of Change


Mid winter blooms.


I made a change. No news. No social media. And, I stayed away from the local protests.

I wanted a little peace. The dogs and I walked about four miles. I took a few pictures. Of the things that I saw. That the dogs saw. I didn’t photograph the street.

I will in a few hours. The women’s parade. The local version of the global one. We have friends walking everywhere. In Washington. In New York. In London.

Something good will come of this. Maybe not today. Or, tomorrow. But, I feel it. Inside.

The picture. iPhone. Snapseed in post production. After all, I spent a lot of time walking. And, dogs don’t walk in a straight line. Neither do I.

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voices know (wo-wo-wo)

Frank Prem

the voices in the wind
are talking

oh wo-wo-wo
oh-wo wo-wo

every time
I think I know
what’s really
going on

wo oh-wo-wo-wo
wo-wo oh-wo-wo

for a moment

for a spell

I think I understand it

oh wo-wo-wo

the wind knows better


I know


and nothing


is all I
am allowed
to know

© Frank Prem, 2017

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Película desconocida 


He perdido la lógica que regia mis palabras, he olvidado como escribía ayer. Siento que todo ha cambiado, tal vez solo fui yo quien cambio. Lo peor es que mientras este cambio sucede, mi espíritu sigue en letargo, en el proceso no he podido manejar lo que pasa, solo he estado detenida viendo los sucesos pasar, como si fuera una película y no mi vida la que estuviera tomando caminos poco conocidos para mi.

Todo ha estado tan confuso, que he preferido no decir nada, mis letras serían tan poco parecidas a mi, que me hubiera costado reconocerlas, ¿me está costando trabajo reconocerme?.

Siempre habrán pros y contras en todo, supongo que en algún punto encontraré esas ventajas, podré manejar estos cambios con sabiduría, volverá la lógica a mis palabras, saldré permanentemente del letargo, ya estoy en eso.


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