A nova esposa de FHC e um imóvel de 950 mil reais em Higienópolis

Presentear Patrícia com este imóvel teria sido uma decisão do ex-presidente para deixar algo em vida para a nova esposa. A negociação, porém, ocorreu com um cheque administrativo de Patrícia e por isso não é possível saber se os recursos que viabilizaram a compra foram de uma doação de FHC

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Facebook: The popular spot to be comfortably gay

FACEBOOK may have been a popular place to unload on or mock NSW Premier Mike Baird about Sydney’s infamous lockout laws this week, but doesn’t compare to its popularity as a place to identify as part of the LGBT community, according to data released on Tuesday.


In honour of the social media giant partnering with Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras this year, researchers gathered and tallied data on how platforms like theirs gave momentum to people connecting and sharing within and with the LGBT community.

The data revealed that more Australians than ever are changing their “interested in” field on Facebook to reveal their same sex attraction. At the end of 2015, the number of LGBT people coming out on the platform each day was almost double what it was a few months prior.

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Implantable ‘stentrode’ to allow paralyzed patients to control an exoskeleton with their mind | KurzweilAI

A DARPA-funded research team has created a novel new minimally invasive brain-machine interface and recording device that can be implanted into the brain through blood vessels, reducing the need for invasive surgery and the risks associated with breaching the blood-brain barrier when treating patients for physical disabilities and neurological disorders.

The new technology, developed by University of Melbourne medical researchers under DARPA’s Reliable Neural-Interface Technology (RE-NET) program, promises to give people with spinal cord injuries new hope to walk again.

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30 ans des Inrocks : nos meilleurs albums depuis 1986

Les Inrocks ont 30 ans. Pour fêter comme il se doit l’anniversaire du magazine, un numéro spécial vous attend chez votre kiosquier préféré à partir du mercredi 10 février. En attendant de parcourir les 30 stories des œuvres fondatrices de la rédaction, le service musique partage ses meilleurs disques publiés depuis 1986. …

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É assustador o número de adolescentes grávidas no Príncipe

Os casos de gravidez precoce têm vindo a conhecer evolução assustadora na ilha do Príncipe. No ano passado registaram-se, em toda a ilha, um total de…

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“Intelligent people know that the empire is on the downhill”: A veteran CIA agent spills the goods on the Deep State and our foreign policy nightmares

After almost 30 years in the CIA, Ray McGovern became a truth-teller. He sits down with Salon for a long debriefing

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