Of mice and men by John Steinbeck


Of Mice and MenOf Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Power and simple mindedness are terrible companions. No matter what aspect of life they inhabit, it is rarely with festive consequences; if they work on a smaller scale, the experience only becomes more personal and therefore tragic. This one certainly can’t get gloomier. Everyone wins the sad competition – the author, with his all encompassing vision of sadness, the readers, forced to accept his vision of human existence (worse things do happen every day in some places) and most of all, the characters. They dream of a world where everything would be different, but every time something new happens, it only increases their bitterness. I was always curious about the outcomes of Lessing’s fifth child living in a different environment and this book has provided me with an answer – distance doesn’t matter.

I assume every reader knows what this book is about…

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A snowmobile kind of week in Galeville

Mark Bialczak

Ellie B did not give chase, and for that I gave thanks.

My beloved rescue mutt and I came upon an interesting sight not one block from A Bitty Better during an after-work walk this week in our Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

Ride 'em, padnahs. Ride ‘em, pahdnahs.

A kid and a parent were riding a snowmobile on the snow-filled triangle smack dab in the middle of three streets.

More action awaits. More action awaits.

A mom and an older sibling on a four-wheeler awaited them at the other end of the patch.

They looked like they were having fun as I watched with aka Dogamous Pyle.

Oh, brother. Oh, brother.

The kids took a turn together on the snowmobile, too.

Happy family it was.

Where is the strangest place you’ve seen snowmobile riders? What activity surprised you in your neighborhood? Snowmobile or four-wheeler for you, and why?

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Everywhere I Go


Every time I turn I burn with a desire for you,
And everywhere I go you show yourself to me;
You are in the wind and every raindrop,
Around every bend in the road I travel;
You are in the hills, valleys and mountaintops,
And I can see you in the face of the mild child,
But I can see you in the jungle wild, too ~ you
. . .
Yes, everywhere I go I see you and I hear you
For you are near and dear and never far away;
You are in the wind and every raindrop,
Around every bend in the road I travel,
So every time I turn I burn with a desire for you

Note: This poem was inspired by the song “Everywhere I Go I See You,” by the songwriter and performer, Rich Mullins.

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10 study-related blog post ideas

light up the shining night stars


I’ve been thinking of doing posts like this for a while now, to help y’all if you run out of ideas (heaven forbid). This was the first topic I wanted to recommend on. Maybe because I’ve been watching too many study related YouTube videos? Possible.

1. Your weekday/weekend study routine.

If you have a set study routine, I’m sure we’d all like to know. I’m not sure of everyone else but I personally love knowing others’ routines.

2. Subjects you’re studying in school/college.

I know that quite a few people like to know what others are studying currently. This could also give an opening for others to ask you about those subjects.

3. What’s in your bag.

This could be a general post too, if you carry around a handbag or a purse. Talk about all your essentials you carry with you.

4. How you keep your notes.

Every person’s…

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Lula é o novo preto

Oficina de Concertos Gerais e Poesia

O ex-presidente Lula voltou à moda e deve ser a tendência deste alto verão – as capas de revistas semanais e primeiras páginas de jornais transbordam de Lula.

pretinho básico 1.jpg

Após a capa da Isto É, que nos renderá ainda boas risadas por algum tempo, a Folha on line, deste domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2017, é Lula de ponta a ponta.pretinho básico 3.jpg

As manchetes seguem o modelo “o maior escândalo de todos os tempos da última semana”. O conteúdo das matérias, no entanto, é fraco, na base do “é o que temos para o momento”. E ainda que o jornalismo sempre tenha se apoiado em manchetes, o jornalismo atual parece tentar viver apenas delas – como memes de internet.

Odebrecht bancou treinamento empresarial para filho caçula de Lula

“Um dos favores feitos pela Odebrecht para o ex-presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva foi pagar um orientador de carreira para ajudar seu…

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