América de Trump

a farpa

48 horas fizeram toda a diferença.
George Holliday enviou a gravação que fizera da varanda do seu apartamento para a estação de tv local KTLA e assim aquilo que podia ter sido apenas mais uma acção de Law & Order da Polícia de Los Angeles fazia a abertura de todos os telejornais um pouco por todo o mundo Democrático.

Quatro polícias, brancos caucasianos, apareciam a espancar um cidadão negro, estendido no chão, bastonadas até à sua inconsciência e submissão.
Raça, raiva, divisão e preconceito: Rodney King tornava-se a primeira reality tv star da actualidade.

Los Angeles incendiou-se com a inocência dos futuros culpados. O racismo fez-se presente, Bush pai centrou forças entre o ódio contra a Comunidade Coreana e a sua prevalência no seio dos bairros mais pobres onde as hipóteses de subsistência Afro-Americana se fazia sobrevivência.
A América perdia a inocência de Kennedy maculado por Nixon. Rumava-se a Clinton…

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Fruit Fly Solution

In Dianes Kitchen


Don’t you hate that time of the year when the Fruit Flies invade your kitchen? Landing on your food is disgusting! It seems like they are everywhere and you can’t get rid of them! You won’t get rid of them completely unless you throw out your ripe produce or put the ripe produce in the refrigerator and who wants to do that! There are many different methods for killing those annoying little flies. I read about them all and I tried a lot of the methods. I have used this method for years and it works as good as all of the other methods that I have tried and it is easy to do. It doesn’t get rid of all of them but it does keep the population way down. The flies in the bowl above was from one day.




Add vinegar and 3 drops of dishwashing liquid to…

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A Film That Changed My Life



To say it changed my life sounds like too strong a strong statement. To say it influenced my life would be the better word, but makes for a weaker title. Suffice to say that after viewing the film 9 ½ Weeks and especially after reading the book, my sexual aesthetic and sensibilities were forever altered.

Youth may have been the biggest factor. I was only nineteen. I had seen my share of sexy movies, read plenty of erotica, but this. This was different. Tasteful. Elegant. Artful.


Never have I been so riveted in scene after scene, a voice inside of me saying ‘yes!! This! This is what I want! This is exciting. This is creative, passionate, energetic! This is what I want sex to be like.


And then, later, saying where is this man? All I need is this one man who thinks the way I do, who shares my vision…

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