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Romulus, via Jornal GGN em 23/10/2016 Gilmar Mendes parece ter tirado a semana para testar os (novos) limites deste Brasil pós-democrático (apud Wanderley Guilherme dos Santos). Num dia ataca juíze…

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Music to Your Ears: Behind the Scenes at Bandcamp Daily


Whether you’re a business owner, a freelancer, or a personal blogger, developing a unique voice on your site is never easy. One blog that has established its own unique identity in a short period of time is Bandcamp Daily, from music-discovery platform Bandcamp.

We recently chatted with J. Edward Keyes, Bandcamp’s editorial director, on how he and his team have built a site that matches their company’s spirit of serendipitous discovery and sense of community.

Brooklyn-based J. Edward Keyes has been a music journalist for over 20 years. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, SPIN, and Pitchfork (among many other publications).

Who do you see as Bandcamp Daily?s main audience?


We’re trying to engage any curious music listener. The defining mission of Bandcamp Daily is to highlight people who are making interesting, compelling music all over the world. So we’re here for people…

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Under the silence

Pura Essenza

Paseos en la soledad de espacios abiertos,

silencios que llenan vacíos en mi mente.

Abrazos dados a mi propio cuerpo,

me recuerdan tus brazos en mi pecho,

acariciándome en las frías noches de octubre.


Gran soledad
atardeceres grises
otoño días fríos.

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How to Make Realistic Images of Miniatures

Jennifer Nichole Wells


A quick start guide to making images of miniature scenes.

Whether with toys, model railroad sets, war gaming miniatures, you name it, if you want realistic-looking image of miniature environments, this guide is for you.

Get Low

So you have a little plastic figure all set up and ready to be photographed in front of you. Imagine you were about to do a photo-shoot of a full-scale real person. How would you place that person within your camera’s frame? In most cases, you would shoot them straight on, not way above them. Do the same for your miniatures. Get on their level, even if it means you’re squatting or laying on the ground (this takes dedication folks!).

In the words of awesome mini photographer Mark Crummet:

“This picture is a perfect example to me of how Camera Position Matters.

Assuming these guys are supposed to be six feet tall, this picture…

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I Survived the Halloween Circus

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

When I read about Apex Movement’s SpookAway: A Halloween Circus Night, in the newspaper under adult themed Halloween activities, I had no idea what kind of entertainment they would provide. Hosted by the Fractal Tribe, they advertised movement play in an interactive gym. I wasn’t sure what the heck that was, but they had a haunted house and suggested wearing a costume. It sounded like my kind of party.

Deciding to go at the last-minute my husband, Danny, and I reached for the easiest of costumes: Morticia and Gomez. We have getting into character down to five minutes, tops.

We arrived at a Boulder warehouse and walked up to the entry with several other costumed partygoers to the bouncer dressed as a butler outside the door. He held a sign-in sheet of some kind. Maybe we were supposed to call for a reservation.


It was a waiver…

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