U.S. Military Agreement With Brazil to Prompt Joint Defense Deal – Bloomberg

Brazil and the U.S. signed a military agreement that paves the way for the joint development and sale of defense products, the Brazilian defense ministry said.

Fonte: U.S. Military Agreement With Brazil to Prompt Joint Defense Deal – Bloomberg

History: The Fountain Pen

Roger Bussey

Fountain Pen Set Fountain Pens

The idea of writing instruments designed to carry their own ink supply had been a theoretical idea, but it was not until the beginning of the 1700’s, that the theory was being put into practice.

The first fountain pen was designed by M.Bion a Frenchman in 1702, but it was more than a 100 years later in 1809. When American Peregrin Williamson, patented his design in 1809.

John Scheffer obtained a British patent for his design of 1819, for his idea of a half quill – half metal pen.

Then in 1831 John Jacob Parker patented his design of a self-filling pen, but it was the design of Lewis Waterman, who patented the first practical fountain pen in 1884.

If it had not been for early fountain-pen inventors; using the hollow channel of a birds feather to create an ink reservoir, to replace the constant use of dipping…

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Domingo de manhã – II

Anderson Barros

  • Uma lata de doces tem 16 balas de chocolates e 28 de morango.

a) Tirei uma bala à sorte e dei para minha irmã. Qual a probabilidade de eu ter dado uma bala de chocolate?


n(E) = 16 + 28 = 44

n(A) = 16

P(A) = 16/44

P(A) = 4/11

b) Depois de ter dado a primeira bala, tirei outra. Calcule a probabilidade de a segunda bala ser de chocolate,se:

*a primeira era de chocolate.


n(E)= 43

n(A) = 15

P(A) = 15/43

*a primeira era de morango.

n(E) = 43

n(A) = 16

P(A) = 16/43

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