Images by T.Dashfield Photography

Once upon an afternoon dreary, while I was making poor DH weary…That’s all I’ve got.  But truth is it was a dreadfully dreary afternoon, I felt as if the grey of the skies was trying to wrap itself around me and encase me in it’s gloom – evermore.  It wasn’t looking too good for photography until I recalled this strange old farm house (I think)  by the side of the road somewhere in Delaware County.  It is abandoned but not completely abandoned so I was a bit worried about someone coming out and yelling at us to get off their property when we pulled over onto this gravel path next to it.

Old pink house 1

The ground was a bit muddy and soppy from recent snows so I had to walk carefully and every time the house creaked I twitched wondering who or what was making that noise.  As close as I dared…

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