Obama in visita da Netanyahu: “La sicurezza di Israele non è negoziabile”

Prima visita a Gerusalemme del presidente Usa: “Voglio far sapere agli israeliani che hanno un alleato negli Stati Uniti”. Sull’Iran: “Non deve acquisire l’arma nucleare, Teheran deve ottemperare agli obblighi internazionali”. Ordinata indagine armi chimiche in Siria: “Il loro uso sarebbe tragico errore”

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Obama in visita da Netanyahu:  "La sicurezza di Israele non è negoziabile"Il presidente Barack Obama e il primo ministro israeliano Benjamin Netanyahu (afp)

GERUSALEMME – Sul “diritto all’autodifesa” Israele non intende fare concessioni, neppure “al migliore amico”. La questione è stata chiarita in poche parole dal premier Benjamin Netanyahu, al termine di un incontro a Gerusalemme con il presidente degli Usa, Barack Obama, per la prima volta in assoluto in Israele. “Lo scopo principale della mia visita è far sapere agli israeliani che hanno un alleato negli Usa”, ha detto Obama, “la loro sicurezza è molto importante per noi” ha continuato, indirizzando il messaggio anche “ai vicini” di Israele.

La conferenza al termine dell’incontro è cominciata con uno scambio di battute sui figli. Barack Obama ha esordito dicendo che i figli del premier israeliano Benjamin Netanyahu sono “belli perché somigliano alla mamma”. “Lo stesso si può dire delle tue figlie” ha risposto il leader israeliano.

Per poi passare a spiegare che Israele deve “essere in grado di difenderci contro ogni minaccia”. Gerusalemme resta “totalmente impegnata” con i palestinesi nella ricerca della soluzione due popoli-due Stati, ha aggiunto Netanyahu, però, “non rinuncerà mai al diritto di difendersi, anche dai suoi migliori amici”. Il premier israeliano ha espresso l’auspicio che questa visita del presidente americano contribuisca a “voltare pagina” nelle relazioni tra i due Paesi. 

Obama ha annuito. “I palestinesi devono poter sentire di essere anch’essi padroni del loro destino”, ha aggiunto il presidente Usa secondo il quale però “le necessità di Israele alla sicurezza sono realmente uniche. E la sicurezza di Israele non è negoziabile. Israele deve essere in grado di difendersi da solo, di fronte ad ogni minaccia”. Così “l’impegno degli Stati Uniti al fianco di Israele è più forte che mai rispetto al passato – ha detto Obama – e la nostra alleanza non è mai stata più forte”. Il presidente ha poi annunciato che Washington continuerà a finanziare il sistema di difesa missilistico israeliano Iron Dome “che ha salvato molte vite”. 

I due capi di Stato hanno affrontato i problemi dei confini. Per impedire all’Iran di dotarsi di un arsenale nucleare “tutte le opzioni rimarranno sul tavolo”, ha spiegato il presidente degli Stati Uniti. “L’Iran non deve acquisire l’arma nucleare, Teheran deve capire che deve ottemperare agli obblighi internazionali”. La pressione sull’Iran, ha aggiunto Obama, “continuerà” e gli Usa “continueranno a consultarsi a stretto contatto con Israele sulle azioni da intraprendere. Tutte le opzioni – ha concluso – rimarranno sul tavolo”, alludendo quindi anche ad una possibile azione militare.

Il problema resta la Siria. Gli Stati Uniti investigheranno “a fondo” sull’utilizzo di armi chimiche nel Paese di Bashar Assad. “Serve un’indagine esatta”, ha detto Obama, aggiungendo che il loro uso sarebbe “un tragico errore”. “Gli Stati Uniti intendono investigare a fondo” per verificare se ieri in Siria sia stato fatto ricorso ad armi chimiche. “Dobbiamo essere sicuri – ha detto il presidente Usa – cosa è accaduto esattamente, se la ‘linea rossa’ sia stata effettivamente attraversata”. Ormai il presidente siriano Bashar Assad “ha perso la propria legittimità” dopo aver rivolto contro il suo popolo ogni genere di armi, “inclusi missili Scud”, ha continuato Obama, il regime “sarà responsabile per qualsiasi trasferimento o uso di tali armi”. Obama si è anche detto “molto scettico” sulle voci secondo cui anche i ribelli siriani avrebbero usato armi chimiche. 

(20 marzo 2013)



If You Like Billie Holiday, Try Madeleine Peyroux

Eva Hambach/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Madeleine Peyroux singing at the Howard Theater in Washington last year, accompanied by George Duke.

<nyt_byline>VAL HALLER

Published: March 20, 2013 Comment
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Each week, Val Haller, a music-obsessed baby boomer and the founder of the Web site Valslist.com, matches tracks from her generation to that of her 20-something sons’ generation.

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The dinner party. The guest list: check. Invitations: check. Menu: check. Bar stocked: check. Music: uh …

Music often causes last-minute panic when entertaining. I know this because I’m usually on the receiving end of frantic calls from friends asking to borrow my iPod with dinner-party playlists. This week’s paired artists are always welcome guests at my dinner parties. Their silken blend of jazz and vocals provides a smooth undercurrent on which conversation can ride. Whom do you invite to your dinner party?


Video by ispica77

Billie Holiday – The Very Thought of You




Born Eleanor Fagan in 1915, Billie Holiday had a life of extraordinary contrasts. On one hand: she grew up in brutal poverty, surviving rape and racial cruelty. She was a prostitute, became a drug addict, battled poor health. On the other, she was one of the great celebrities of her time, an extraordinary talent, who collaborated with Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington and Count Basie. Her voice was as distinctive as the white gardenia she wore in her hair. Her big breakthrough came at age 20 when the jazz writer/producer John Hammond heard that voice. She was filling in for a better-known performer. He loved her slower tempo, husky blues vocals, her different rhythm. The saxophonist Lester Young and Holiday created some of the greatest jazz recordings of all time. She called him Prez; he called her Lady Day. As her music career took off, her emotional and physical health deteriorated. She was only 44 when she died. In the 1972 film “Lady Sings the Blues,” Diana Ross stars as Holiday. Rock band U2’s song “Angel of Harlem” is a tribute to Holiday. But really, the best way to get close to Holiday is to listen to her.


Video by MadeleinePeyrouxVEVO

Madeleine Peyroux – Changing All Those Changes


Video by Nando Moraes

Madeleine Peyroux – Don’t Wait Too Long (Live in Los Angeles 2009)




When I first heard Madeleine Peyroux I couldn’t help thinking of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf. I was impressed that a contemporary singer was confident enough to venture into such lofty territory. Loved it. Her music is the perfect dinner party fare — and I’m not talking Muzak, I’m talking elegance. It’s relaxed and subtle enough to let conversation rule, yet so fine your guests will take note. On an outing last week I walked into an antiques shop with classical music playing in the background; it fit perfectly. Later that day we shopped some vintage/consignment shops, and Billie Holiday and, yes, Madeleine Peyroux were playing in the background. Indeed, Nate Chinen in The Times described Peyroux’s voice as “a small, distinctive thing with all the weathered charm of a flea-market antique.”

Growing up, Ms. Peyroux lived in Athens, Ga., Southern California, Brooklyn, and at 13 moved to Paris with her mother. By 15, she was singing in the streets. Her first album, “Dreamland” (1996), and second album, “Careless Love” (2004) (one of my favorites) — are collections of cover songs by music greats like Patsy Cline, Leonard Cohen, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan and Piaf. Her fourth solo album, “Bare Bones” (2009), features only works she composed.

Ms. Peyroux sings in a soft, husky voice, with minimal backup orchestration. Her album “The Blue Room,” released last week, has a new crossover sound touching on country and pop. Discussing the album, Charles Gans of The Associated Press writes that she “returns as a masterful interpreter of classic songs.” He continues: “Half the 10 tunes — including ‘Born to Lose,’ ‘You Don’t Know Me’ and ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’ — are from Ray Charles’s two 1962 albums. But Peyroux’s rich tone, emotional depth and expressive story telling … seem more evocative of Patsy Cline’s crossover country pop recordings from the same era.” Ms. Peyroux keeps a low profile and does little publicity. “The only thing that matters is the song,” she says. And she sings such lovely songs, so well.

She appears this week at the Tarrytown Music Hall in Westchester County (March 20); and Jazz at Lincoln Center, the Allen Room, (March 22 and 23).

Previous Music Matches can be found here.

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Backup Cat Out of ‘Breakfast’ By ROBIN POGREBIN

Montie, backstage.Chang W. Lee/The New York TimesMontie, backstage.

Even as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” prepared to open on Broadway Wednesday night, one cat was out of the bag — or at least, out of a job. The main cat understudy, Montie, a black-and-white male, has been fired for being, well, difficult. He didn’t follow stage directions.

“Cats do have nine lives,” Rick Miramontez, the publicist, said in a statement. “While there are others who are joining the production as understudies and covers, Montie will remain at the theater indefinitely.”

Montie is staying because his owner is Babette Corelli, who has been training cats for the show and helped with casting. Such are pet politics.

Meanwhile the star cat, Vito Vincent, is now negotiating — through his owner — for a nightly car and driver, The New York Post reported.

Montie will be replaced by Moo. The cat dressing room has bouquets of flowers and wrapped packages with dozens of cans of cat food as opening-night gifts.

Vito — a plump, ginger-colored male whose card lists him as “Talent” — as well as Montie are expected to paw the red carpet at tonight’s opening. “The company looks forward to celebrating with them tonight,” Mr. Miramontez said.



Bon Jovi Bests Bowie on Album Chart By BEN SISARIO

With the top of the Billboard album chart this week looking like a bit of a flashback to 1986, Bon Jovi is No. 1 and David Bowie has landed at No. 2 with his first new album in a decade.

Bon Jovi’s “What About Now” (Island) sold 101,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan, the band’s third in a row to reach No. 1. Mr. Bowie’s new album, “The Next Day” (Columbia), sold 85,000 copies, sending him higher than he has ever been on the American chart. (The closest he came before was in 1976, when “Station to Station” went to No. 3.)

On the singles chart, Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” is No. 1 for a fifth week, but its lead is narrowing as the song’s viral life cycle winds down. When it entered the chart at No. 1 — thanks to Billboard starting to incorporate YouTube videos into its chart methodology — the song had 103 million streams; this week it had 28 million. “Harlem Shake” also had 146,000 downloads, while the No. 2 single this week, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Thrift Shop,” had 270,000 downloads.

Back to albums, the rest of the Top 10 is a mix of holdover hits and new arrivals. Luke Bryan’s compilation “Spring Break … Here to Party” (Capitol Nashville), last week’s No. 1, fell two spots to No. 3 with 61,000 sales, and Bruno Mars’s “Unorthodox Jukebox” (Atlantic) is also down two, to No. 5, with 43,000 sales.

New albums include the Christian album “Passion: Let the Future Begin” (sixsteps), at No. 4 with 48,000; Mindless Behavior’s “All Around the World”(Streamline/Conjunction/Interscope), at No. 6 with 37,000; and Eric Clapton’s latest, “Old Sock” (Bushbranch/Surfdog), bowing at No. 7 with almost 37,000 sales. (SoundScan’s publicly reported numbers are rounded.)

Next week’s chart is expected to be dominated by Justin Timberlake’s comeback album, “The 20/20 Experience” (RCA), which Billboard’s chart experts predict will open with more than 750,000 sales.



one hundred and seventy one degrees: ‘under an atomic sky…’


The Wanderer ~ U2 (feat. Johnny Cash)

one hundred and seventy one

Held, in fine. Balance. Of equal day, and night. Before, the shift. Towards, fall. Smoke, filled skies. Of fallen wheat, and fire breaks. A chill, seeps in. To the air. Seasons, marching. Forward. Life carries, on. Leaves, old. Known, ways. Behind. In search, of  growth. And freedom. Creating living, rainbow bridges. Between earth, and heavens. A breathing, tree of light.


Yeah I left with nothing…

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John & Yoko Ono Wedding Anniversary / Aniversário de Casamento de John & Yoko


No dia 20 de março de 1969, numa cerimônia privada, em Gibraltar, ocorria o casamento de John e Yoko.
O casal usou a publicidade que seu enlace proporcionaria para promover a paz mundial, através do que ficou conhecido como o “Bed In” (John e Yoko na cama pela paz) durante sua lua de mel, no Hotel Hilton, em Amsterdã.
Durante uma semana, das 9h da manhã às 21h, eles receberam a imprensa, que, provavelmente devido à capa do disco Two Virgins, em que o casal aparece nu (frente e verso), talvez esperasse que eles fossem fazer sexo publicamente, mas em vez disso, havia lá dois cabeludos, de pijamas, falando de paz.

John e Yoko se conheceram no dia 9 de novembro de 1966, na galeria de arte chamada Indica em Londres, onde ela estava expondo. Embora Yoko tivesse desde então procurado John várias vezes para pedir financiamento para outra exposição…

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