Dear Doodlebug: STUMPED!

Love and a Six-Foot Leash

As some of you read last week, mama has let the kitten out of the bag: I am not perfect. That means that as hard as my giant brainiac brain might try, I can’t always answer your Dear Doodlebug questions. Sometimes I write you privately and tell you I can’t answer them because you need the help of a real-live dog trainer, and sometimes I try to be funny-like and non-answer them in my column. But other times, I just don’t know! So this week, I’m asking for the help of all you other brainiacs. Here are some Dear Doodlebug questions we’ve received lately that I just can’t seem to answer. Can you help your fellow Doodle-lovers?

Virtual slobbery kisses if you leave a comment with your ideas for any of these kind folks!

Dear Doodlebug, Do you have any advices for my mama on how to make a yummy…

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