Ready for Baby Mini-Series: Resources

Love and a Six-Foot Leash

Well, our puppy was supposed to arrive this past Saturday, but she or he is a total slacker and hasn’t even showed up yet! So we’ve got plenty of time to wait around, filling our days with agilities, walks around the neighborhood, and naps.

We’ve also had plenty of downtime to catch up on our reading. Mama has been reading lots of very boring things to us, which is just fine by us, because she lets us nap snuggled up with her, and she is quite comfy as a headrest.

Chickerdoodle 130404-28

We’ve already spent the last few weeks telling you all of the ways that WE are getting ready for our future two-legged sibling, and we hope they’ve been helpful. But we also know that every family is different, and every dog has different needs. In addition to our ideas here, you may need other tools as you navigate your own…

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