Crusty Roasted Bavarian Flanken Ribs

Cooking in Sens


Last week I ordered some beef flanken ribs from the butcher in our small village of Waiblingen.  I had printed off pictures of the cut, both raw and grilling on a barbecue.  Flanken is a German word and the young apprentice, language permitting, led me to believe that we had an understanding.  Not.  When I picked up the ribs on Saturday, they were thick cut and more suited to braising than grilling.  S…!


The meat was good looking so I attempted, with the help of English speaking German customers, to tell today’s professional butcher what the problem was.  He understood and took the slabs to the back to slice them thinner but, unfortunately, did not have a slicer strong enough to go through the bones.  Resigned, I told him I would accept them as is because I knew I could braise them.  He apologized, discounted the meat by half and…

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Enough about data caps: They’re a terrible idea


In a recently published piece, Prof. Daniel Lyons of the Boston College Law School argued that broadband data caps are a reasonable form of price discrimination. Lyons believes that data caps allow ISPs to more equitably distribute network costs among users based on how much they value internet access. He then goes on to suggest the best model of price discrimination comes from the airline industry, and that ISPs would be wise to learn from them.

Okay, wait a minute. The airlines? I had to read that twice to make sure Lyons was actually recommending that companies like Comcast and Time Warner –  you know, two of the lowest-ranked U.S. companies in terms of customer satisfaction – ought to be taking marketing tips from the industry that rivals them for most-hated status. (Interestingly, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the airlines are third from the bottom, followed by… the…

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Maílson “80% ao mês” da Nóbrega critica inflação de Dilma


É ou não ou cúmulo da cara de pau? O economista Maílson da Nóbrega, que comandou o Ministério da Fazenda no fim do governo Sarney e entregou ao País uma hiperinflação, tem a pachorra de condenar a atual política monetária e criticar a meta de inflação brasileira de 4,5% ao ano, segundo ele, “já em si muito alta”. O lobista do sistema financeiro, Maílson pede a combinação de recessão, desemprego e juros altos. O incrível é que este personagem tenha espaço para comentar a economia com ares de guru.

Via Brasil 247

O Brasil é um país surpreendente. Só aqui um economista que foi ministro da Fazenda e entregou ao País uma hiperinflação, com os preços subindo 80% ao mês (!!!), consegue se tornar consultor de sucesso e conquistar espaço na mídia para falar sobre todos os assuntos, com ares de guru. Este personagem se chama Maílson da Nóbrega, que…

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