Deep Green Resistance: Unearthing Racist Radical Feminism & Transphobia From Within


Radical feminism came out of the idea that feminists couldn’t overstate the oppression of women. Its motto was “The personal is political” and this was promoted with the better-known but more-frequently misquoted addendum, “All men are potential rapists.” This is important to acknowledge when we fast-forward 30 years to take a look at recent declarations by an environmental radical resistance group called Deep Green Resistance (which shall be henceforth abbreviated to DGR). They’ve said some pretty incredibly shitty things lately, and I’m hardly the first person engaged in the process of coming forward to call them out for it. There is a growing list of articles located on this page. I guess you could say this is my own personal attempt to answer that call—even though I am a white person and a settler in relation to the territories upon which I have lived all my life. I am, however…

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