Ice cream surprises — and a contest for you!

Love and a Six-Foot Leash


Some of you may remember that a while back, we did a blog post and giveaway for a large manufacturer of dog treats — ice cream, to be specific — and some cute little stuffed animal dogs.

We had lots of fun with the giveaway — as we always do — but we made a little bitty confession: we wouldn’t let our dogs actually eat the treats that we were giving away, because they’re loaded with corn syrup, additives, and other yuckies that are not a part of Chick and Doodlebug’s diet.

Something else great came of that contest: we were contacted by a small, craft maker of artisan dog treats, Arrfscarf. They had taken note of our complaints, and issued a challenge: try OUR ice cream and treats, and see what you (and Chick and Doodlebug) think.

We took one look at Arrfscarf’s website, and hastily…

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