Tribute: James Gandolfini

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Today we pay our respects to James Gandolfini, who passed away on the 19th June 2013 while vacationing in Italy. Gandolfini will always be associated with his highly acclaimed performance in the role of Tony Soprano in the series The Sopranos. Today we’ll be looking at a different role, the one we first took notice of him. As Tony Soprano he intimidated us, but as Virgil in True Romance he scared the ever living piss out of us.

When Alabama (Patricia Arquette) returns to her motel room to wait for her husband Clarence (Christian Slater) she finds the imposing Virgil waiting for her. Virgil is a mob enforcer who is there to reclaim the cocaine that Clarence had stolen earlier in the film. Although this character, played by Gandolfini, only appears in this one scene it’s the only moment in the movie where we fear for the character’s lives…

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