Cabbie’s Curios: A Forgotten Museum with a Grim Past…

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View from the Mirror

Tucked away behind a communal swimming pool, in a corner of the gardens adjoining Shadwell’s St George in the East church, there sits this rather forlorn ruin:

Nature Study Museum

Built in 1877, the origins of this little building are rather unsettling… in its first incarnation, it was originally designed as a mortuary.

It was here, in September 1888, that the body of Elizabeth Stride- widely believed to be the third victim of Jack the Ripper– was brought for a post-mortem.

Originally from Sweden and known locally as ‘Long Liz’, Elizabeth Stride’s body had been discovered just off of Commercial Road on Berner Street (now renamed Henriques Street), approximately half a mile from St George’s Gardens.

At the post mortem held in St George’s Mortuary, it was determined that Elizabeth had suffered a “clear-cut incision on the neck… six inches in length and commenced two and a half inches…

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