Fig, Plum and Hazelnut Tart Redux

The Garum Factory

Fig, Plum and Hazelnut Tart-534-8823

Oh, cursed keys!  Oh, wretched fingers!  Yes, well, it seems I’ve published this week’s post a few days in advance.  Haha.  Guess what?  It’s a Fig, Plum and Hazelnut Tart.  It won’t show the usual grammatical felicity only possible when I have time to send it to the monks atop Mount Athos for a prepublication editorial review.  Such is life.  It does taste great.  And just in case a death in the family or a sinkhole in the backyard prevented you from following Jody’s suggested regime of making a tart shell a day for practice, this gives you a little advance notice–the clock is ticking…

You can find the post here.  Enjoy.  Ken

P.S. If anyone finds any horrible bits awry, please don’t hesitate to pass them along and I’ll update the post.  Thanks.

Ver o post original

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