Featured Artist: Let’s Take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of Van Gogh

featuredspaceHey guys!

Oops! I’m at this a little late, but for some strange reason I just couldn’t get myself out of bed on time this morning. Not sure if I should be admitting that to the world or not, but hey, we’re all human! In a way I think my mind is still very much on vacation still. I’m not in the full speed ahead mode that I really need to get myself back into. BUT I do hope I can manage to get a ton accomplished this week without feeling overwhelmed, so I’ll try to hang onto this feeling for a while longer.

OK today’s feature comes from me, looking at Van Gogh paintings late at night the other day. I always go back to Van Gogh. ESPECIALLY his portrait work. I just can’t get over the colour combinations and the brush strokes. There is so much life in…

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