25 Degrees Celsius in Dubai


Hell yeh !! This is the perfect time to be in Dubai. Unlike the 40 degrees you get at most times of the year, Dec to Jan have the perfect balance of cool and hot. You can get the perfect tan without feeling sticky or burnt etc.

Where have i been these months ? Sorry for the lack of updates. I took to another hobby and was spending vast amount of time on it. Drifting my Nissan S15 that is !

Had a little bit of time in Dubai, am glad that i did not forget to bring my trusty M240. Took a little while getting used to the manual focus, but once familiarity creeps in, it feels like love all over again. 🙂

Dubai 1

Everything is man made over here….well most of, unless you consider the “natural” sandy deserts which covers most of the country 🙂 There’s the Burj Al…

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