Sono de má qualidade pode duplicar tamanho de câncer, diz estudo

Dormir mal afeta o sistema imunológico o que dá espaço para a doença agir de forma mais agreesiva Foto: Getty Images
Dormir mal afeta o sistema imunológico o que dá espaço para a doença agir de forma mais agreesiva
Foto: Getty Images

Não ter uma boa noite de sono pode acelerar o crescimento do câncer e torná-lo mais agressivo, segundo pesquisa publicada na revista Cancer Reserach. Segundo os pesquisadores, a perturbação do sono pode causar diferenças notáveis na doença em apenas quatro semanas. As informações são do Daily Mail.


Para a descoberta, foram feitas experiências com ratos em laboratório. Os estudiosos injetaram células tumorais nos animais. Uma parte deles tiveram sono tranquilo e sem interrupções, a outra foi submetida a ruídos que faziam os ratos acordarem a cada dois minutos. Após quatro semanas, os tumores dos ratos que tiveram sono fragmentado estavam duas vezes maiores que os dos demais.


O estudo foi o primeiro a demonstrar em animais os efeitos diretos do sono fragmentado em doenças como o câncer…

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West Virginia, Almost Heaven

Eleventh Stack

14286_10100261356820705_1697844902_nThis post isn’t about the chemical spill in West Virginia, at least not completely. Of course I am writing this because of what has happed in West Virginia, but this is a love letter of sorts and so it may be a little scattered. You see West Virginia, specifically Kanawha County, is my adopted home. I was born here in Pittsburgh but grew up moving around the mid-west and eastern seaboard and subsequently never really felt at ease in any place I lived. Then I met and married a man from Charleston, West Virginia, and while we have made our home here in Pittsburgh we dream and talk about ‘moving down.’

Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River

It is hard for me to adequately explain my feelings about WV without sounding clichéd; sadly my words fail me when I need them most. Maybe these emotions come from the fact that I…

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Kalamazzo – jazz – Glenn Miller


(I’ve Got a Gal in) Kalamazoo” is a #1 popular song recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra in 1942. It was written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren and published in 1942. It was featured in the musical film Orchestra Wives and was recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, featuring Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton and The Modernaires, who released it as an A side 78 in 1942.

Listen to the song and complete the lyrics.
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
I got a ____________ in ___________
Don’t want to _______ but I know
She’s the ___________ of Kalamazoo
(Zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo)

Years have _______ by
My, my, how she grew
I liked her ____________
When I carried her _____________ in Kalamazoo
(Zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo, zoo)

I’m gonna ______ a wire
Hoppin’ on a ____________, leavin’ _________
Am I _________

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Chattanooga Choo Choo – Jazz – Glenn Miller


Chattanooga Choo Choo” is a 1941 song by Harry Warren (music) and Mack Gordon (words). It was originally recorded as a big-band/swing tune by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra and featured in the 1941 movie “Sun Valley Serenade”.

(Hi ___________ Tex, what you _________?)
Step aside partner, it’s my ___________
Lend an ear and ___________ to my version
(Of a really solid, Tennessee ____________)

___________ me boys, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?
(Yes, yes)
(Track _____!)
Boy, you can _____________ me a shine

(Can you afford to __________ the Chattanooga Choo Choo?)
I’ve got my ____________
(And just a trifle to __________)

You _________ the Pennsylvania _________ ‘bout a _____________ to four
Read a ___________ and then you’re in Baltimore
Dinner in the ___________, nothing could be finer
(Then to have your _______ and _________ in Carolina)

When you __________ the whistle blowing ___________ to the bar

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Anatomy of Maidan. Virtual tour of the protesters’ grounds

Euromaidan PR

00sKyivis relatively calm now, so it’s just the right time to study Maidan in detail. Almost everybody has heard that word, but not everybody imagines how everything works here. Now the protesters occupy Kyiv’s center – Maidan Nezalezhnosti square, almost all of Khreschatyk (the main street), European square and some of the adjacent streets. A few administrative buidings have been captured; in them, heating and medical help centers have been established, as well as stations for accepting and redistributing clothes and other items. There are hundreds of tents on the streets, in which the activists that have come to Kyiv from all over the country live.

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Cancer Lesson #41: A Cancer Glossary

Keeping A-Breast: Cancer Lessons

Cancer Lesson #41: A cancer glossary

I could never be a doctor or nurse, or even an aide. For one thing, the medical field isn’t for wusses, and I believe we’ve already established my legitimate claim to the title of Head Wuss of Wussville, USA. Doctors and nurses deal with blood, pus, puke, piss, and more shit than the rest of us can even imagine. Frankly, I got enough of that when my daughter was a baby.

Then there are the pesky math and science requirements. Basic biology was enough for me. Even then, I refused to do the blood type experiment required to pass the class. It was bad enough to get a shot when I was sick. No way would I stick myself voluntarily. (I passed the class anyway, probably because the teacher didn’t know how to handle the intransigence of an honor roll student.)

To say I…

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Can Someone Tell My Daughter Who God Is Please.


huff po

“Momma, who is God?”.  

My daughter asked me that question last summer. I am still trying to figure out how to answer her.

I didn’t grow up going to church. I say that with no hard or jaded feelings about the fact. I feel like I heard a lot about God, having grown up in middle Georgia. However, the conversation always felt more like “someone” that other people knew. I never met him.

Like my daughter is starting to now, I saw a lot of gray matter in the way people, especially the ones that made it a point to remind you how often they went to church, presented themselves and the way they authentically were when around like minded people.

Hypocrisy was something I couldn’t name back then but I felt it every time I heard a self proclaimed Christian person use the N word. Sort of today’s version of “No I don’t think you’re going to hell because you’re…

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