O verdadeiro temor de Gilmar Mendes


Gilmar_Mendes17_ImpeachmentLuis Nassif, via Jornal GGN

A preocupação maior de Gilmar Mendes não vale R$100 milhões – o suposto desvio de recursos públicos pelo PT –, mas R$10,5 milhões. Trata-se da quantia exorbitante paga pelo Tribunal de Justiça da Bahia ao IDP (Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público), para cursos para juízes e funcionários.

Como se recorda, o TJBA já estava na mira do CNJ (Conselho Nacional de Justiça) por irregularidades variadas. Pouco antes da primeira inspeção que constatou as irregularidades, contratou o IDP de propriedade de um Ministro do STF (Supremo Tribunal Federal), ex-presidente do STF e do CNJ.

O mesmo juiz incumbido de negociar com o IDP foi encarregado das viagens a Brasília para acompanhar os processos no CNJ.

O inquérito final do CNJ constatou uma relação enorme de irregularidades, do pagamento ilegal de precatórios gigantescos à compra de produtos e serviços sem a devida licitação. O IDP foi isento…

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Spike Jonze’s “Her” and Other Human-Computer Stories

Monster Maven

mechanical or virtual agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry

Cyborg: (short for cybernetic organism) being with both organic and mechanical parts

Android: robot or synthetic organism designed to look and act like a human, especially one with a body having a flesh-like resemblance

2013’s “Her” is a softly-spoken, gently filmed look at artificial intelligence set in a post-Macbook-empire LA. The operating system Samantha (referred to colloquially in the film as an “OS”) is voiced with great care by Scarlett Johansson. This is one of Johansson’s most engrossing performances, rivaled by her turn in 2013’s “Don Jon,” as a fake-fingernailed Jersey princess. Both Samantha and Barbara, Jonhanssen’s character in “Don Jon” are female love interests for their soul-searching, confused male counterparts. The only difference is, Samantha is a computer program designed to facilitate and enhance a human life.

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waiting out the demons

a diary of a mom


 Photo from Dump a day

“Slowly now,” I say. “Slowly, baby. Let’s slow it down.”

My mantra.

“We can get through this, kiddo. We can. We will.”

“Mama’s here.”

I curl my body around yours, still small enough to fit – one cup perfectly designed to nest inside another, then, someday another still, and another still. God’s infinitely perfect Mama Plan.

“Slowly, baby. I’m here. I’ve got you.”

I wrap myself around you. I throw my leg over yours, wrap my arm around your shoulders, cup your wet cheek in my hand.

Leave her alone! She’s done nothing!

I silently shout to no one there.

Leave. Her. Alone.

Come get ME.

You’re trembling. Damn it, you’re trembling.

I pull you closer and tug at the comforter. I arrange it just so until it covers us both. I know you’re not cold, but I have to do something. Put something between you and them.

Come get ME.


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I don’t think so.

Wandering Bark Books

Image courtesy of stockphotosforfree.com Image courtesy of stockphotosforfree.com

On the way home yesterday, I heard an NPR story about how a computer program at MIT has apparently learned how to “help” an MIT media lab student “compose” a sonnet using a database of Shakespeare’s works.

Including only words used by Shakespeare, the program suggests words that The Bard might have used in “that situation,” or, when writing a sonnet.

The transcript clarifies: “It was [Mathias’] sonnet confined to authentic Shakespearean language. It’s the same predictive software we see when our devices try to finish our sentences and suggest the next word.” Great, so a new application of technology.

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Hasta el momento el ataque terrorista a un autobús turístico —que dejó al menos cuatro muertos y 26 heridos— es el primero contra viajeros extranjeros desde el 3 de julio de 2013 en el país africano. La información aún es confusa pues mientras algunos medios de comunicación locales hablan de una bomba que estalló al interior del vehículo, otros que fue un misil. Ningun grupo se ha atribuído el siniestro.

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