What I learned from the Ocean

Surf with Amigas- Women's Surf and Yoga Retreats

A blog post from an Amiga who came on a retreat in January.

I just spent the most incredible week of my life in Nicaragua at a surf and yoga retreat. I suspected the trip would be healing but never anticipated that the ocean would teach me so much about myself and life itself.

Learning to surf for the first time was an incredibly humbling, challenging, and spiritual experience. The ocean is powerful. Surfing is complex. It is challenging yet oddly easy at the same time. The skill of balancing and joining forces with the wave’s energy was at times a frustrating and scary task. At one point, it even brought me to tears. The process of learning to surf challenged me to try, try, and try again. And then try some more. It taught me to push past my fears and self-doubt that were fighting to cloud my judgement. To push past those voices in my head that said “you can’t do this!”

In those moments…

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