Arc en Ciel

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From my last post you will notice it has been raining a lot! I can’t complain Paris is beautiful in the rain and I am lucky to be here. Today while walking through place des vosges the sun popped out to reveal a beautiful double rainbow! I was lucky to join La Cuisine Paris for a cooking class today too but that will have to save for another post. xo

paris rainbow

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Movie Blog: Nordic Lights Film Festival 2014 (In Brief)

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

If this relentless, frigid winter has you cooped up all Bergmanian — contemplating your sanity, the meaning of life — why not venture out this weekend to find solace (or at least some fun) in a celebration of modern Scandinavian cinema?

The Nordic Lights Film Festival, which is going on from Friday to next Thursday over at St. Anthony Main, has more than a dozen films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden to take your mind off this winter’s miserable chill. While they’re not all 2014 fresh, the movies are a sample of the admirable, unique work coming out of northern Europe in the last few years.

Almost stereotypically, many of the films in this year’s line-up are serious, brooding, even taciturn; but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gems among them, like Denmark’s The Hunt, which is nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar. (If I didn’t love

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