A Dog Themed “Social Sunday”

Dream Big, Bark Loudly

I’ve spent weeks drilling my boyfriend, my mother, and anyone else who will cooperate, trying to make Dream Big more enjoyable. The feedback I got isn’t all that surprising. Basically, they’ve reminded me that this is a blog, not a novel. And while there are some topics than need lots of words, I should occasionally give myself and my readers a break by shutting up once in a while. 😉  Of course it was said nicer than that.

So, as my way of sharing without as many words, I’ve decided to participate in “The Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley”. However, since this is an animal blog, I’ll try to keep in theme. In fact, my twist is these answers will only include animal themed Pins. I mean, Pinterest is like my second home and I have actual favorites, but dogs is what you’re here for, right?

This Weeks Questions:

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Descriminalização do consumo de drogas entra para debate na ONU

A Política Além da Notícia

ONU sugere pela primeira vez a descriminalização do consumo de drogas

Um debate necessário
Maconha: crescente uso medicinal e terapeutico

Por Luis Lidón-Uol

A ONU admite em um documento elaborado para uma reunião na próxima semana em Viena que os objetivos na luta mundial contra as drogas não foram cumpridos até agora e sugere pela primeira vez a descriminalização do consumo de entorpecentes.

“A descriminalização do consumo de drogas pode ser uma forma eficaz de ‘descongestionar’ as prisões, redistribuir recursos para atribuí-los ao tratamento e facilitar a reabilitação”, afirma um relatório de 22 páginas do Escritório das Nações Unidas contra a Droga e o Crime (UNODC), ao qual a Agência Efe teve acesso.

A UNODC não quis fazer comentários à Efe sobre o conteúdo do documento, mas várias fontes diplomáticas especializadas em política de drogas concordaram que é a primeira vez que o organismo menciona a descriminalização de forma aberta.

A descriminalização do…

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Desert Rocks in Fujairah

Gulliver's Bag

United Arab Emirates is a country of myths and legends.  Yes, we all have heard about the insane luxury: the iconic Burj Al Arab, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, or Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. We all have also heard that it is a desert with very hot summers. None of the myths is untrue. While UAE is a desert land with summer temperatures going up to 50 degrees Celsius, it is also a paradise for water sport fans (discussed in Water Sports at Arab Turquoise ) with rock landscape in the area of Fujairah, beloved by fans of rock climbing residing in UAE.

Fujairah is UAE’s smallest emirate, situated between two pieces of Oman territory, and overseeing the Gulf of Oman. Fujairah is the only of the 7 emirates which does not have an Arab Bay coastline. The city of Fujairah is…

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