Make Music Part of Your Life Series: Chopin – Rondo à la Krakowiak, Op. 14



Chopin – Rondo à la Krakowiak, Op. 14

Compositor: Frédéric Chopin.
Obra: Rondo à la Krakowiak, Op. 14.

Pianista: Garrick Ohlsson.
Regente: Jerzy Maksymiuk.
Orquestra: Sinfônica Nacional da Rádio Polonesa .

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Le moustique vecteur de la dengue et du chikungunya remonte vers le Nord

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Le version mobile – Vecteur des virus de la dengue, du chikungunya et du zika, le moustique tigre est maintenant durablement installé dans dix-huit départements français.
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Photo Museum of Hair History

Judy De Luca

I have always been fascinated by antique tools of the barbering and hairdressing trade and have been a collector most of my career. I decided to make a photo Museum of Hair History on my website of all the things I’ve collected or have come across.  This is my latest addition to my Museum. It’s a barber’s neck plate.

barber neck plate

I’ve never seen one before, not even in old movies but they existed. I’m guessing the barber put water in it and used the plate to rinse the razor. If anyone knows any more, post on my facebook page,

Visit the Museum!

Judy DeLuca’s Latest Novel

Towel Dry and a Good Cry is about a young girl, new to the hairdressing business, that learns all too quick that there is more to standing behind the chair than just cutting hair.  A story full of laughs and tears lies and fears…

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The poverty in Addis Ababa hit and hits me like a punch in the stomach.

The children sleeping on the street, the children drunk, the children polishing the shoes, the children eating garbage, the children sad and abandoned, completely alone. The children. Our human race future, the future of Africa and of Ethiopia. I am impressed and worried about what I saw.
Please if you come to the main city of Ethiopia, or to other extremely poor cities,  don’t give the children money or food thinking of helping them, this will make their situation worse. Additional children will leave the villages to join Addis Ababa dreaming of a better life and end up to be hopeless street children.

In respect of the dignity of the children I met walking in Addis Ababa’s streets, I didn’t take and won’t take any picture of them.

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Books Will Never Die

Wandering Bark Books

Last week, Mireille Silcoff wrote an article for The New York Times: On Their Death Bed, Books Have Finally Become Sexy.

Given that I recently published a blog post, “Sexiest Book Alive,” I took issue with the idea that physical books have ever NOT been sexy. Then I read the piece, and I took serious issue with some other things, indeed.

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