UCSB Plans Memorial for Mass-Murder Victims


The University of California Santa Barbara plans to hold a “day of mourning and reflection” for the six victims slain in a murderous rampage. A memorial service will be held at Harder Stadium at 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

“This is a period of mourning for all of us,” UCSB Chancellor Henry Yang and interim executive vice chancellor Joel Michaelsen wrote in a letter to the school community posted Sunday on the school’s website. “The moving candlelight vigil that our students organized on Saturday evening began the process of healing. On Tuesday we will remember and honor the victims of this horrible event and come together as an academic community to reflect, talk with each other and think about the future.”

Elliot Rodger, 22, allegedly planned and executed a spree of murders on the university’s campus on Friday night. His roommates—Cheng Yuan Hong, George Chen and Weihan Wang—were stabbed to…

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“Luhansk People’s Republic” declares war on “Donetsk People’s Republic”

Euromaidan PR

Chairman of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic” (LPR) Valeriy Bolotov declared war on the leadership of “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DPR), Bolotov’s press service reports.

Bolotov believes that the cleaning of Donetsk by the forces of the anti-terrorist operation conducted by the Ukrainian government and the town’s submission to the Ukrainian army is a crime committed by the DNR head Denis Pushylin against his own people.

“On LNR’s territory Pushylin Denis and his inner circle are considered to be traitors and persona non grata. According to the laws of war, as traitors to their own people, they are subject to liquidation,” said the head of the LNR. He added that he considers the head of the DNR an outlaw and declares war on him.

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Lula ganha estátua em Bronze ao lado da Casa Branca

Estátua em bronze de Lula foi instalada no National Mall, parque ao lado da Casa Branca, em Washington. Junto ao ex-presidente estão figuras ilustres como Abraham Lincoln, Simon Bolívar o recém-falecido Gabriel García Márquez

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Em Minas, Pimentel seria eleito no primeiro turno

Pesquisa Vox Populi, divulgada nesta segunda-feira, traz resultados surpreendentes; no estado do senador Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), o petista Fernando Pimentel seria eleito governador no primeiro turno; ele tem 35% das intenções de voto, contra 19% do tucano Pimenta da Veiga; para o PSDB, o que a pesquisa traz de positivo é a simulação para o Senado, onde o ex-governador Antonio Anastasia teria 56% das intenções de votos; na disputa presidencial, Aécio aparece com 22% dos votos, à frente da presidente Dilma Rousseff, com 20%, e do socialista Eduardo Campos, com 2%

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