Rodrigo Y Gabriela: Tamacun

Someone was surprised the other day that an old man of 65 would love music by Pink. You may not realize this but I was a fine arts major in college, loving all forms and styles of music. I grew up in the time of the Beatles who were studied in Music Appreciation for their technical ability at song writing.

Rodrigo y Gabriela (Rodrigo and Gabriela) are a Mexican guitar duo whose music spans a number of genres including nuevo flamenco,rock, and heavy metal. The duo’s discography consists largely of unaccompanied duets on the classical guitar.

The musicians gained a reputation by playing on the streets of DublinIreland and gained a cult following. They regularly dismiss being classified in a particular genre of music, preferring to say they play a fusion of many influences. I own 4-5 of their albums and just purchased…

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