Old Toys get a New Life

Marking Our Territory

Some of Eko’s more durable toys are nearly as old as he is. To keep playtime interesting I rotate which toys he plays with, but there’s no getting around his familiarity with these stalwarts.  More often than not it means that most of Eko’s toys sit unused in a bin.  Or at least they did before Penny came along.

Now that we have begun year one AP (After Penny), the rules have changed. All of Eko’s toys are new and exciting to her and so she gleefully chomps, tosses and tears her way through the inventory. Penny’s enthusiasm has reignited Eko’s flame and the two now love to battle for toy supremacy.

While jostling for a bone, Penny may lack size…

But she certainly makes up for it with tenacity!

A once forgotten rope toy is now the centerpiece for epic games of tug-of-war

Eko usually tires of playing before Penny so…

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