Una niña apuñala a su madre en el segundo caso inspirado en el Sdelerman.

La esencia misma del Misterio

Una niña de 13 años apuñaló a su madre este fin de semana, en Ohio, Estados Unidos. La madre, que sufrió varias heridas menores, declaró que su hija se había inspirado en Slenderman, un personaje de ficción nacido en internet.

Según CBS News, la mujer declaró a la cadena WLWT de Cincinatti que su hija, con problemas de salud mental, estaba esperándola en la cocina con una máscara blanca y que la atacó con un cuchillo.

«Encontramos cosas que había escrito y en ellas hacía referencia a Slenderman», declaró a la cadena. Según explicó, la niña hablaba de demonios, locura y oscuridad. Por el momento, la niña ha sido internada en un centro de detención juvenil.

El suceso se produce una semana después de quedos niñas de 12 años apuñalasen 19 veces a una de sus amigas para «honrar a Slenderman». Un personaje de ficción creado a partir…

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With 4 Hangings in 2 Weeks, India’s Women Are Living in Fear


The body of a woman was discovered hanging by her scarf from a tree in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday morning, becoming the state’s fourth such female victim in only two weeks.

Relatives of the dead 19-year-old have filed a report claiming she was raped and murdered, but a district police information officer told the New York Times that a preliminary postmortem examination had found no evidence to suggest rape.

Yet the grisly discovery adds to increasing concerns for women’s rights throughout the region. Most recently, the rape and hanging of two teenage sisters in the same state caused nationwide outrage and global headlines.

“This is not something that is particular for Uttar Pradesh,” Amnesty International India’s senior researcher Divya Iyer tells TIME. “These sporadic news of rapes bring the issue to the fore, but it is important to see it as a continuum. For every case…

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Film Noir Cinema – Build My Gallows High

Howard Jackson

Out Of The Past

Jane Greer had great hair and eyes that a man could drown in. Jane Greer plays Kathie Moffat.  The name hints at a corrupt childhood.  The nun like outfit at the end of the film indicates a twisted result. Kathie Moffat is beautiful but especially so when she is evil.

Build My Gallows High has the normal noir acceptance of meaningless existence but it also connects existential bleakness to self-destructive romance.   No wonder the word, gallows, was used in the title, and no surprise that the chin up alternative to the title was Out of the Past.  For Mitchum and Greer their illicit and eventually sordid romance offers an alternative to death, a passionate explosion that will, for a while, transcend time.  The message is clear from the first scene of the film.

‘The only thing I get is older,’ says the spinster who works in the hamburger joint.

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