Poet’s Lariat

Writing Odds n Ends


Poet’s Lariat

by L. Stewart Marsden

Got my boots and spurs on,
my jeans and my chaps,
my big buckled belt,
my pearl-buttoned shirt,
my old leather vest,
my red-plaid kerchief,
my ten-gallon hat,

And I’m almost sure that
I’m a-ready to mount my mustang Sally
and sally forth in a cloud of dust
as I must come back with
a stray poem or two

that you kin enjoy
with your feet kicked up
and a glass knocked back
and your hat tipped down
as you mull all around
the words I have caught
in the prairies out there
where the air cain’t be no finer.

And, hooked on my saddle
is my length of rope
which I hope to spin and twirl and toss
to catch me a poem or more
and wrastle that boy down to the ground
and whip its lines till it’s helpless and done

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