FIQUE SABENDO: Se o Globope divulgou isto é porque Dilma deve está próximo de 50% _+_Brasil lança seu primeiro nanossatélite

Se o Globope divulgou isto é porque Dilma deve está próximo de 50% CNI/Ibope aponta Dilma com 39%, Aécio com 21% e Campos com 10%Ricardo Chapolaquinta-feira 19/06/14Levantamento indica que eleições vão para o segundo turnoAnne Warth e Ricardo Brito…


EUA – Prefeitos, deputados estaduais e rabinos são presos por lavagem de dinheiro e tráfico de órgãos

Tradução: Google tradutor Os dois anos de corrupção e investigação internacional de lavagem de dinheiro se estende desde a costa de Nova Jersey para o Brooklyn e de Israel para a Suíça culminou com acusações contra 44 pessoas na quinta-feira,…


The Pathé World Cup Archives

British Pathé

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is underway in Brazil. At Pathé, some of us are football crazy – others less so! But whether you like your footie or not, there are some stories in the Pathé archive of interest to all. So, if you love football or just don’t want to feel left out of the conversation, here are some essential videos from Pathé’s vintage World Cup coverage.



British Pathé has excellent coverage of the 1966 World Cup in fabulous Technicolor. The match, between England and West Germany, took place at Wembley. Note how the English and German fans are intermingled.



Incredibly, there almost wasn’t a trophy to give England that year. The Cup was stolen, only to be discovered wrapped in newspaper on a London street by a dog called Pickles. This Pathé film…

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ISTANBUL: Tulips, Tourists and the Syrian Refugees

Godspeed To A Mighty Balloon

Emirgan Park, Sariyer

Istanbul’s highways are lined with Syrian refugees.

Your first evening in Turkey is spent with an international politics student. Along İstiklâl Caddesi, distinctly Arab-looking families huddle in the chill while their children play in the gutter. You ask her where they came from.

“Syria.” She says, pronouncing it Sye-Riya.

You probe her for details: “Is the government doing anything to help them? Why did they choose to come here and how did they cope during the winter?”

“Most of them were…” she pauses, trying to remember the English translation of the word. “Scammed? Is that the correct word? They were brought here illegally by people who took their money and passports and then left them on the street.”

“What do ordinary people think about them being here?”

“They don’t, really. This is the restaurant I was talking about. Will it be okay?”

You had been looking…

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