Jóvenes bolivianos comprometidos con programas sociales de su país

Siempre con Cuba

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.- Jóvenes bolivianos que estudian medicina en esta central provincia cubana ratificaron su compromiso de regresar a su país para servir al pueblo, a los programas sociales del presidente Evo Morales.

Ese fue el compromiso trasmitido al embajador del país suramericano en Cuba, Palmiro Soria Saucedo, quien visitó el territorio espirituano este fin de semana.

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Jack Payne BBC Dance Orchestra Live 1931. Phantom Dancer 22 July 2014

Actor - Singer - Voiceover

By Gum, Phantom Dancers,

I ran out of time on the 8 July show to play you the great live 1930s radio swing and jazz by Fats Waller, Duke Ellington I had listed in the play list for you. And I had to talk over Count Basie to say goodbye and close the show. Plus, I missed out playing you the scheduled Singing Sam track and Big Noise From Winnetka live on the wireless by the Bob Crosby crew.

So this week all those wonderful airchecks will be played, plus more swing and jazz from 1930s-50s radio and TV by Vaughn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Bunny Berrigan and more. See the play list below.

Your Phantom Dancer Video of the Week is a fine example of how valuable it is to record your favourite radio shows, like The Phantom Dancer, at home.

Here is a home recording made 29 January 1931 of four…

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