Full Body Armour

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There was a time in our lives,

Or there should have been,

When all the armour you needed,

Was the full body armour –

Of your parents shirts.

Life is meant to be safe when you put on

Your mom or dad’s shirt.

And it covers you fully.

You can smell them when you bury your nose in it.

You can pretend to be your dad.

Be Your Dad

And look handsome in his shirt.


Or it can be a perfect dress to twirl and dance in.

You can be a princess or a fork lift driver.

You can be what ever you want when you’re this little.

And you might change your mind in five minutes.

Or two.

Because you are fully protected in your armour.

And your imagination.

Perfect For Dancing

It’s a perfect cocoon

For Saturday morning cartoons

And not having to deal with the world.

Full Body Armour

Life would be wonderful –

If we…

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Day 197| 365 Photo Challenge

Voice of the Soul


Sweet Baby Adalyn is about to turn 1yrs old! She is a strong little girl surrounded by a loving family through her first year of life which unfortunately has been filled with medical issues and hospital stays. I am so blessed to have been able to help make her first birthday a memorable one!

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