The child sex abuse customs video: Why didn’t the police act?

Westminster Confidential

Over the weekend my intrepid colleague, Mark Conrad, broke a very detailed story on Exaro News and in The People, about a pornographic child abuse video seized by the customs way back in 1982. You can read the full story on both sites.

 The customs officer, Maganlal Solanki, then handed over the tape to senior managers at Customs and Excise. They took over the case. took no further action, and are understood to have passed the video cassette to the Security Service, MI5. No one was prosecuted.

The officer says a prominent  Tory Cabinet minister was on that tape but he is still too scared to discuss what he is doing and there still seems an attempt to gag him.

Again like the scandal at Elm Guest House, the failure to pursue paedophile  Sir Cyril Smith, and what is being revealed about the scale of sexual abuse in a Durham detention centre…

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