Freedom is to Free Ourselves from Any Unrelated Concern Freedom is something we all need to feel relax instead of being captivity in psychological or formal will create no joy. We can bound with each other while we are into a relationship, but still need to give both sides a certain level of freedom, when are being together for twenty-four hours constantly, our days will be bored. There must be a pre-agreed for an independence life may create a difference, otherwise there may be some concerns for monotony and not enough variety in our life. Have everything well organized and how we spending time in our life is also a way to give compassionate and soothing freedom for everyone of us. If we need to solve our problems constantly, we will never be able to relax, because our thoughts will be working on that for every second. Be honest and sincere will give us boldness so not have to concerns about wrongful accusations and get that confidence, because they are unfounded and untrue. All of these accuse have no substantiated value and are based on lies, and after an extensive investigation, no allegation or criminal consequences are required to be executed to us. A clean slate of mind give us the ultimate freedom to flee ourselves out of the penal consequences that others trying to create for us. By being honest and give everyone the respect, we can consolidate our position, and come out with the truth which can be accepted by anybody or every authority. By keeping out of the hands from related and inferior mooted subjects get ourselves free from worry and so we give ourselves the freedom. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen Read More Poetry……. #poem #poetry #poems #story #stories #quote #peace #easybranches #janjansen

Al-Jaafari: Israel wants occupied Golan to be without int’l monitoring…Qatari, Saudi and Turkish intelligence responsible for funding terrorism

Piazza della Carina

43 Fijian UN personnel were kidnapped by what the UN recently described as “armed elements” . Jabhat al-Nusra, which is designated as a terrorist organization by the Security Council, claimed responsibility for the abduction. Clashes also broke out between Filipino troops and the terrorist groups.

Early last year, a number of Filipino UN personnel operating within the UNDOF, which monitors a disengagement accord established in 1974 between Syria and the Israeli enemy which occupies the Syrian Golan, were also kidnapped by armed terrorist groups in two separate incidents.

“Israel is the most interested in having peacekeepers evacuated from the occupied Golan so as to be left without international monitoring,” al-Jaafari told a press conference held on Tuesday.

He noted that Syria has handed official documents and facts to the UN Secretary General that prove the involvement of the governments of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan in supporting Jabhat al-Nusra…

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Fachada da Globo é pichada em protesto contra nova minissérie

Grupo realiza “escracho” contra a Rede Globo por conta da série “Sexo e as Nêga”. “As mulheres negras têm outro destino que não só a sexualização do seu corpo”, diz ativista


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EE UU decidido a destruir a quien no esté con él.

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En las oficinas de agentes bursátiles, compañías financieras, casas de cambio y hasta en algunos bancos de Argentina funcionan las llamadas cuevas, donde se compran y venden dólares de forma ilegal. También están los arbolitos o vendedores ambulantes que ofrecen “cambio” en el centro de Buenos Aires. Ese mercado negro o blue ha ido creciendo desde que el Gobierno de Cristina Fernández impusiera controles a la compra de moneda extranjera en 2011 ante la escasez de divisas que sufre el país sudamericano.
El dólar, el billete en el que ahorran y adquieren inmuebles los argentinos de clases media y alta desde la primera hiperinflación de Argentina, en 1975, llegó a valer en 2013 el doble en la plaza ilegal que en la oficial. El blue es un mercado pequeño, pero influyente en las expectativas económicas. El ministro de Economía argentino, Axel Kicillof, especula con que EE UU…

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A representação do outro pelo olhar da incompreensão

Marcha Mundial das Mulheres

Por: Marcia Rangel Candido*

Dentro da polêmica que vem se delineando sobre as propagandas do novo programa da Rede Globo, “Sexo e as Negas”, o elemento que agora parece sobressair reside no desprezo pela opinião de parte da audiência, que ao olhar do autor, Miguel Falabella, deveria estar se sentindo bem representada. Na multiplicidade de espaços de poder dominados por homens brancos, as lutas por representação da diversidade são constantemente marginalizadas. Há dificuldade em entender que restringir a representação a estereótipos nada tem de inclusivo. Ao contrário, reforçar papéis sociais específicos se relaciona, no caso de negros e negras, diretamente ao racismo. A resposta irônica que as manifestações contra a exibição do programa receberam mostra como ainda é difícil para nós, mulheres, nos fazermos ouvir dentro de uma sociedade sexista, que ignora o quanto a mercantilização dos nossos corpos incide sobre as diversas espécies de violência cotidiana que temos que…

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Thursday, September 18th

music clip of the day

Passed over, again, for a MacArthur “genius” grant? Me, too. This guy, though, has reason—625,000 reasons—to celebrate.

Steve Coleman and Five Elements,* live, Switzerland (Cully Jazz Festival), 2013

Steve Coleman took up the alto saxophone when he was a freshman at South Shore High School and within a few years inevitably was drawn into the orbit of one of Chicago’s greatest jazzmen: Von Freeman.

It was Freeman, a tenor saxophone giant who died two years ago at age 88, who welcomed Coleman into the rigors of the jazz life, setting him on a course that has led to Coleman winning one of America’s most prestigious and lucrative arts awards, a MacArthur Fellowship. Like each recipient, Coleman will receive a total of $625,000, dispensed quarterly over the next five years, from the Chicago-based John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

“I realized that (Freeman) is a major player, and he’s right here…

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