Idleb, 15 Syrian kids killed by spoiled vaccines administered by the ‘Coalition’ of the Obama’s cannibals ~ Syrian Foreign Ministry: “International community should condemn this hideous crime”

the real Syrian Free Press

There is no limitto thecynicalsadismandcrueltyin killingthe Syrian people, withIsraeli-Americandirectingandintotalsilenceandcomplicityof the global media


Idleb: 15 Syrian children killed, and others injured, by spoiled vaccines administered by the so-called “Coalition”, the gangofcannibalsandmoderateterroristssupported by the Obama administration.

Fifteen children died and scores others suffered suffocation in areas east of Maaret al-Nou’man in Idleb countryside, the health ministry said on Thursday.

The deaths and suffocation happened after the so-called opposition’s “Coalition,” aided and abetted by the Turkish authorities, administered measles vaccines to the children. The circumstances of the incident remain unclear.

“The ministry condemns in no uncertain terms the inhumane practices of the Coalition and its Turkish backers, and everyone involved in this tragedy,” said the Ministry in a statement, denouncing the facilitation and distribution of internationally-controlled vaccines and medicine which wind down…

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