walking tour: via del corso

Florence for Free

Each and every palazzopiazza, or strada in Florence has a history, composed of centuries of unique stories. While people have come and gone over the past 2,000 years, their legacy remains in the layers of the streets and the tops of the towers–we just need to look for it. It is certainly not a secret, however, that the history of Florence is dense. That’s why we say, slow it down. Get to know the city and its stories one street at a time.

Oh, look! A post about Via del Corso. Shall we start there?

bar con posti a sedere Bar on Via del Corso by g_u

Via del Corso runs east to west in Florence, from Via del Proconsolo to Via Calzaiuoli. We will begin on the west end of the street, where Via Calzaiuoli meets our star strada of the day (look for Yamamay).

While Via del Corso is now a…

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