Delhaize Fréres & Cie. Au Bon Marché. Enseigne Le Lion. Denrées coloniales, vins & spirit. Des presses J.L. Goffart, lithographe, Bruxelles (1896). Herman Richir (Belgian, 1866–1942) (Hamner). Chromolithographie. Richer produced posters under the pseudonym Hamner (an anagram of his name), including two chromolithographies advertising for Delhaize in the Art Nouveau style

Tuesday, September 30th

music clip of the day

never enough

Miles Davis Septet,* “What I Say,” live, Norway (Oslo), 1971



art beat

Lee Friedlander (1934-), Japan (Kyoto), 1981


*MD (trumpet), Gary Bartz (soprano saxophone), Keith Jarrett (keyboards), Michael Henderson (bass), Leon Chandler (drums), Don Alias (percussion), James “Mtume” Forman (percussion).

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