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No award, with the exception of the Nobel for Peace, excites as much a priori lobbying and speculation, and post-hoc controversy, as the Nobel Prize for Literature. Some decisions, like last year’s honoring of Alice Munro, have been embraced. But certain past selections have spurred political fulmination ( e.g., Knut Hamsun, Mo Yan) and others, plain old-fashioned headscratching.   The inscrutable selection committee is famous for its surprises: who would have banked on the acerbic Austrian, Elfriede Jelinek? And there is banking involved, of a sort. According to the Wall Street Journal of October 7th (two days prior to the 2014 announcement) the British betting corporation Ladbrokes was offering odds of 12/1 on Philip Roth, 25/1 on Bob Dylan (a weird perennial favorite) and, sharing the lead around 4/1, Haruki Murakami and Kenyan poet Ngugi Wa Thiong’o. But hey, was there a leak in the famous Stockholm security system? Apparently the…

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Instruções de segurança para os passageiros da Air New Zeland

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A Air New Zeland resolveu mudar o estilo de vídeo utilizado para transmitir aos passageiros as instruções de segurança e preparou novamente uma surpresa para seus passageiros e turistas que viajam para a Nova Zelândia, local onde aconteceram as gravações dos filmes da trilogia “Hobbit”:

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Documental “Gurba, la condena” en el Festival Internacional de Cine Mendoza Proyecta

Voz del Sahara Occidental en Argentina


Fuente: Gobierno de la Provincia de Mendoza


El gobierno de la provincia de Mendoza en los últimos años ha llevado adelante encuentros y mesas de debate, donde se reúnen el sector público y privado, dando forma a una idea que hoy se cristaliza.

Ha sido un largo anhelo del sector audiovisual mendocino, el que la provincia cuente con un Festival Cinematográfico que reúna al público con los hacedores del Séptimo Arte.

Mendoza Proyecta llevara adelante su gala inaugural el 5 Noviembre de este año. La fecha es nuestro homenaje al mayor director cinematográfico que tuvo nuestro país, nuestro querido Leonardo Favio.


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What do Darwin, penguins, poop, fire, and sheep have in common? A crowd-funding quest(ion)

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It’s no secret that science funding rates are, in a word, abysmal*. As a pre-tenure faculty member, this has been weighing heavily on my mind, and I’ve devoted a substantial portion of my year to grant writing (fingers crossed!). There’s a running joke that you typically get funded to do the work you did already, and in a way, it’s true; “preliminary” data is an important component of a strong grant proposal.

Rockhopper penguin, Kidney Island. The Falklands are home to the largest rockhopper rookery in the world. Photo by the author. Rockhopper penguin, Kidney Island. The Falklands are home to the largest rockhopper rookery in the world. Photo by the author.

But how do you get that data? There’s a critical gap in opportunities to fund promising, early-stage, and potentially risky work. This becomes especially true when you’ve got graduate students, like I do, that came with their own funding (in my case, an IGERT student and a university fellowship). They’re not on a grant, which means while they’re funded…

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O bolivarianismo é coisa do demônio. Li na internet, então é verdade

É fascinante como algumas pessoas repetem palavras que ouviram sem se dar conta de que erram feio, erram rude o seu significado.Isso é muito comum no mundo corporativo, por exemplo, com engravat…


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ECOS DA ELEIÇÃO, Nada de novo no Tucanistão

Ao se repassar Câmara Clara, o magnífico livro de Roland Barthes sobre fotografia, permanece simples e atual o seu método particular de leitura de fotos. Ele propõe o studium (as circunst&a…


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