Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Money Jungle

Good Music Speaks

It’s that money spending time of year again, when retailers are supposed to finally be in the black for their fiscal year.  I haven’t shopped on the day after Thanksgiving in years, and although it always looks like there are some deals that are too good to be true, I just don’t like the fight.  Cyber Monday is a little more my style, as I have done most holiday shopping online in recent times.  I asked someone who had been out in the stores, how was it out there?  Their reply was, “It’s a jungle!”.

Duke Ellington Duke Ellington

Of course, me being me, the tune that popped into my head was “Money Jungle” from a Duke Ellington piano trio album of the same name.  This is really a special album, with Duke making a rare appearance in a small group setting.  What a group it was, with Max Roach on drums…

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