Luciano Martins Costa: Relatório da Comissão da Verdade coloca imprensa diante do espelho

Luciano Martins Costa, via Observatório da Imprensa A apresentação do relatório final da Comissão da Verdade, em solenidade oficial, marca o momento histórico em que as instituições brasileiras são…


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The Grave of Kenji Tomiki – Founder of Modern Aikido

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Aikido is probably one of the most famous of the many different forms of Martial Arts coming out of Japan. In the West it is often seen as the softest martial art, focusing on throws and using the opponents energy against him. Modern Competitive Aikido was founded in 1961 by Kenji Tomiki (1900-1979) who in his lifetime achieved 8th grade black belts in both Aikido and Judo. He studied under the legendary Morihei Ueshiba who was teaching Jujutsu and developing Aikido from it. Tomiki was the first of his students to reach the 8th level of the black balt, in 1940. He worked as a teacher at the university of Kenkoku in then Manchuria from 1938 to 1945 and spent three years in a Soviet “labor camp” after the war before returning to Japan in 1948 as part of a large prisoner release effort.

Master Tomiki died in December 1979…

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Autumn Leaves Light up – Yasukuni Shrine

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The other week I visited the famous Yasukuni Shrine in the heart of Tokyo to see their beautiful sando, sacred approaching path lined by yellowing ginko trees. The light up was organized at the same time as a sake festival and there lots of stands to get food and drink While plenty of people were taking advantage of this I spent most of my time closer to the shrine to see the views of the closed front gate and the lit yellow leaves of the trees.










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Clube Militar inventa “vítimas” da resistência à ditadura | Blog da Cidadania

O Ministério Público bem que poderia investigar essa farsa inominável do tal “Clube Militar”, que busca ludibriar uma nação inteira com uso de informações falsas – em sua quase totalidade. Lista de 126 nomes de “vítimas” de “terroristas” que o tal


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