Winter months bring highest average level of inebriation study says

The Jax Beer Guy

Photo: Jeffrey Smith/Creative Commons Photo: Jeffrey Smith/Creative Commons

Beer, as everyone knows, is an alcoholic beverage and as such, if consumed too heartily, can lead to inebriation. For a serious beer-lover, one who enjoys the flavors of a well-crafted beer along with the company of good friends, drunken stupor is not the goal. Nonetheless, during the months of December through March, becoming legal pissed (that’s British for drunk), is a far too common occurrence.

Sure, a few pints with friends along with a good meal is just the thing to end a long work week with or celebrate a momentous occasion, but drinking to excess is just senseless – and an appalling waste of good beer. Take these startling statistics for instance:

During the winter months of December through March, the average Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is higher than any other time of the year. The legal threshold that determines impairment is 0.06%.

  •  The…

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The seven words which will leave any newspaper stone dead in the digital age

David Higgerson

As we reach the end of 2014, you’d think we’d be past this. But no, apparently not.

Recently, I found myself metaphorically banging the table when I began reading an interesting article on the website of a local newspaper, only to presented with the following phrase:

“For the Full Story, see tomorrow’s newspaper.”

Now, what do you think happened, seeing as I live maybe a good distance away from the nearest shop selling that paper, but close enough to be of interest to advertisers?

Did I think ‘this is a great story, I must jump in my car, drive 10 miles in the hope the two copies of the paper the newsagent gets in every day won’t have gone?’ or I did flip over to Google News and search for the story there?

And I’m pretty certain that I wasn’t alone in doing the latter, rather than the former. And when I did…

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Prefeito “ostentação” do PSDB anda de Ferrari,Range Rover,helicóptero e tem TV de R$100 mil

Ferrari de prefeito apreendida pela Polícia Federal Segundo a PF, o valor gasto com os luxos de Luciano Mota (PSDB) é fruto de um esquema criminoso no qual Mota é justamente o “cabeça” Agentes da P…


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Esperanza Street, by Niyati Keni.

Me, you, and books

Esperanza Street, by Niyati Keni.   And Other Stories (2015), Paperback, 320 pages.

A coming of age novel about a boy in a seaside town in the Philippines threatened with new developments.

Esperanza Street is a street in a small town in the Philippines. It runs from the big houses on the hill down to the jetty where poor people live and work. The central character of the novel is Joseph, a teenager from a family near the jetty who becomes a houseboy for a widow who runs a boardinghouse up on the hill. She has two sons, one Joseph’s age and the other older, and Joseph gets involved in both their problems. At the same time, a distrusted land speculator is planning to build a massive new development of malls and other buildings that will require the destruction of the homes of many poor residents. For Joseph, as for his…

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Un rapport sur la CIA et des interrogations

Algérie Résistance


George W. Bush et George Tenet au siège de la CIA. D.R.

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Για να μεταφράσετε, κάντε δεξί κλικ στο κείμενο

Au bout de quatre ans d’investigation sur les agissements de la CIA au cours desquels les ordinateurs des sénateurs chargés de l’enquête ont été piratés, et après une lutte acharnée entre les différents clans au sein de l’administration américaine, la commission du Sénat américain vient de publier un document de quelques 500 feuillets issu d’un rapport de 6300 pages dévoilant les tortures pratiquées par la CIA sous l’administration George W. Bush, suite aux attaques du 11 septembre 2001. Le rapport décrivant les multiples techniques d’interrogatoire rivalisant de cruauté et de sadisme, telles que « l’alimentation » rectale, la…

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