The seven words which will leave any newspaper stone dead in the digital age

David Higgerson

As we reach the end of 2014, you’d think we’d be past this. But no, apparently not.

Recently, I found myself metaphorically banging the table when I began reading an interesting article on the website of a local newspaper, only to presented with the following phrase:

“For the Full Story, see tomorrow’s newspaper.”

Now, what do you think happened, seeing as I live maybe a good distance away from the nearest shop selling that paper, but close enough to be of interest to advertisers?

Did I think ‘this is a great story, I must jump in my car, drive 10 miles in the hope the two copies of the paper the newsagent gets in every day won’t have gone?’ or I did flip over to Google News and search for the story there?

And I’m pretty certain that I wasn’t alone in doing the latter, rather than the former. And when I did…

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