The Sound I felt ~ The Big Riff ~ Facing Reality and Bringing Who You Really Are to Life featuring Herbie Hancock’s – Maiden Voyage

Fifty Shades of Jazz


“Before, things had to look a certain way for me. In order to experience joy, I had to win: I had to be the best at what I did. If not, there was no joy. Now, that has changed, and you know what left with that? The suffering. That doesn’t mean that I no longer have goals or projects: it just means that my fulfillment no longer depends on their outcome. Now, I put all of my passion into creating and exploring my pursuits, but if something doesn’t turn out as planned, I no longer suffer.” Isha Judd

Wait a minute…that was me for most of my life! Folks would probably describe me as a late bloomer.  I hated that term.  Living in a world where fourteen year olds are winning The Voice or Master Chef Junior I felt as though I had been wasting my life.  So, I…

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