Source of Inspiration


God is everywhere
even in nothing
great truths seem false
beautiful words become babble
paradox exists only because
we do not hear with our hearts
only with our ears
our eyes are blinded
by our desires
greed flavors the bounty
we have, reducing it
to wastelands of landfills.

The Great Perfection
we call by many names
is but One
there is none…absolutely none
besides Him.

Ver o post original

Without God

Source of Inspiration


When God is not present
plow horses become war steeds
farm lands turn to killing fields
blood of battle waters
what used to be sacred ground

Do not take God
out of schools
let spiritual leaders
hold political position
train the police
to be friendly crossing guards
not victims of their own corruption

The loss of Spirit
reduces everything
to nothing
desire becomes
the greatest curse
discontentment breeds evil
selfishness our core sin

Enough is plenty
the bliss of eternity
the key to serenity

Ver o post original