I didn’t mean to
It just happened
I felt drunk
Didn’t drink
I failed to notice
the link
Between us
We were too mirrored
Too alike
We played games
twins play
And said things
Siamese twins say
Our love was royal
At least to me
The highlight of 2007
Besides Darkmans
Nicola Barker’s Booker
shortlisted novel
There was a violence
to you
I got too close
which meant I could read
what was not meant to be seen
at least in a world so keen
on uncomplicated subjects of unopposed Gods:
Travelling outward
for a change
the range of my defenses
all simultaneously falling apart
I fell in your arms
Your name was Jacky


I was so in love with you
The most in love with anyone who knew
me more than
anyone knew me
They deported
It was the last time
I saw…

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