Zucchini “Pasta”

Zucchini pasta

I made this “pasta” dish to go along with the Paleo Mini Pork Meatballs that I made a few weeks ago + it was a match made in heaven. I had gotten this vegetable spiralizer at the start of the year in hopes of replacing regular pasta with veggies as I worked toward my goal of eating cleaner. This could not be easier to make and it’s seriously tasty, never mind how much healthier it is for you! The other cool thing about it is that there really doesn’t have to be any set ingredients for this, it’s a good way to use up whatever produce you have in your fridge! I think the mini pork meatballs are the perfect thing to go with this but some ground turkey season and browned up would be great to mix in with it or even some shrimp would be fantastic!

Heat 1/2 tbsp safflower…

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