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At the core of a somewhat dull discussion on Venezuela’s financial sustainability the failure of the opposition narrative appears. The panel counts, of course, with Francisco Rodriguez, on a secondary role Jaime Reusche (Vice President and Senior Analyst, Sovereign Risk Group, Moody’s Investors Services) and with a surprise appearance we get Alejandro Velasco, (Assistant Professor of Latin American Studies, New York University)

Just to give you some context on what’s happening here. F-Rod goes on saying that the picture is not that dire. That the government has been “rationing” its dollars substantially. Basically the same thing we have been reading. Nothing new. The debate flows into oil prices. Nothing substantive. Rodriguez goes down an slippery slope by arguing that only if oil goes to zero then Venezuela would default. I don’t want to dwell in how weak that argument is but I just want to emphasize that I found it…

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“La austeridad está provocando un severo problema de salud pública”

Dempeus per la salut pública

MARÍA JOSÉ FERNÁNDEZ SANMAMED, médico de familia jubilada, sostiene que  demasiadas veces se tratan con fármacos dolencias causadas por las desigualdades sociales.

Ya han pasado 35 años desde el día en el que la doctora María José Fernández Sanmamed (Pobra do Caramiñal, A Coruña, 1951) subió por primera vez, recién acabada la especialidad de neumología en el hospital de Bellvitge, las empinadas escaleras de una humilde consulta de atención primaria en Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Vallès Occidental). Empezaba a ejercer como médico de familia. Entonces, recuerda, sólo pensaba “en cómo harían los pacientes mayores para subir esas escaleras”.

La tradición familiar —su padre era médico— la empujó a la profesión, pero fue la vocación “por las personas” lo que la llevó a abanderar el oficio con el que tanto se llena la boca a pesar de haber estudiado otra especialidad: “Médico de cabecera de la gente”. Nueve meses después de…

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Douglas Fairbanks was the first president of the Academy, and the first host of The Oscars, a ceremony that lasted all of 15 minutes…


This actor went from playing summer stock to work with D.W. Griffith at Triangle Pictures. On the rise he was spotted for his comedic talent by Anita Loos and John Emerson – but still nobody took note of his athleticism. He worked at Paramount and by 1918 he was box office gold known for epics and action. In the teens and twenties he was referred to as the King (of Hollywood). Fairbanks was a founding member of United Artists and the Motion Picture Academy. He was instrumental in establishing the Motion Picture Fund which now covers health and pension benefits and at its inception (1921) covered workers that had fallen on hard times.

Douglas Fairbanks far right, signing United Artists into being, courtesy the Library of Congress (1919):

He met Mary Pickford in 1916 and they married in 1920:

They made their home at Pickfair:

He hosted the first Academy…

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Phoneography Challenge in Black and White~A Tray of Miracles

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A Mexican custom in seeking help from the Divine, asking for a miracle to overcome some health issue, requires buying a little silver totem that represents the location of your health problem, and taking it to a church to put by a statue of the saint you pray to for help. This tray of milagros (miracles) was only hearts, but usually there are many different totems for arms, legs, etc. I am sure these hearts were out for Valentine’s Day, but if one looks beyond that…….anything is possible.

Photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy for inclusion in today’s challenge brought to us by Lens and Pens by Sally.

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ISIS Publishes Propaganda Piece ‘Explaining’ Recent Antigay Atrocities

The self-proclaimed Islamic State militant group has published a grisly series of photos depicting the executions of allegedly gay men who died after being thrown from rooftops and stoned by waiting m

Source: www.advocate.com

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Na seca e sem luz?, por Rodrigo e Miguel Martins

Na seca e sem luz?
por Rodrigo Martins e Miguel Martins
Da Carta Capital
O racionamento de água é inevitável. O de energia, cada vez mais provável
Em janeiro, a Savyon, empresa de tecelagem com

Source: jornalggn.com.br

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