Streetside Seat

the lazy photographer


I too this one back in 2012 (I know the watermark says 2014) but for whatever reason did not process it at the time. I spent a very very cold Sunday processing photos in Lightroom in preparing my new book and came across this one. I think it worked out nice. I know for sure I would not have processed it this dark back in 2012, so I’m glad I skipped it then. Right now I’ve got around 340 photos selected for the black & white book. Once I’ve finished visiting each folder of photos in my hard drive, I’ll begin the task of whittling down the selection to around 160. I’m hoping for an 80 page book with photos on both sides, less space for writing stuff. I might end up with around 155 photos in total. And I’m also working on a colour book at the same time…

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