Dressing up for the occasion


The Dutch don’t dress up for cycling, they dress up for the occasion. That doesn’t become much clearer than when they cycle to Carnival festivities. Carnival will still be going on for another 24 hours when I publish this post. All over the world, especially in the – formerly – Catholic regions, people celebrate the beginning of Lent with 3 days of festivities. There are huge regional differences and in the province of Brabant where I live the dominant type is called “Bourgondisch Carneval” (Burgundian Carnival) in which everybody dresses up as a peasant, to all be equal. Well-known cities for Carnival in The Netherlands are Breda and especially my home town ʼs-Hertogenbosch. The oldest mention of Carnival in The Netherlands is in fact that of ʼs-Hertogenbosch in the year 1383.

carnival 2015 A young boy cycling in the traditional blue peasant’s smock.

Even though you can see people dressing…

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