Books Seized by Egyptian Customs, This Time for ‘Instigating Revolt’


Egyptian customs officers seizing books as they enter the country is not a new phenomenon, but attacks on books seem to have gone higher-profile in the last six months:

khaledsaidposter From the “Walls of Freedom” indiegogo campaign website.

There was the burning of thirty-six books at a Hurghada public library in August of last year, the confiscation of two philosophical works and a novel in September, published by Dar al-Tanweer, and now Al Masry al Youm reports that Egyptian customs officers in Alexandria “have seized 400 copies of  Walls of Freedom, a book that examines and celebrates Egypt’s street art post-2011.

This book was also on its way to Dar al-Tanweer.

The reason given by the country’s finance ministry, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm, was that the book was “instigating revolt.”

Ahmed al-Sayyad, the ministry’s undersecretary, apparently told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the book contains elements that give “advice on confronting police and…

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