Messerschmitt Bf 109E-3: The Fog of War.

The Dreamy Dodo

30 Sept. 1940. According to the available sources this Bf109E-3 (Wk Nr 1190), flown by Unteroffizier Horst Perez (4/JG26), was shot down by a Spitfire over Beachy Head. He was on a bombing raid escorting mission to London but failed to meet up with the bombers. The Messer crash-landed in Eastdean West of Eastbourne Sussex, where the pilot made the forced landing with retracted undercarriage yet curiously his “Emil” was in good condition; no shots in the aircraft itself.
Regrettably, on getting out of his aircraft, Uffz. Perez was shot at and wounded in hand and jaw…things were a bit edgy then.
Both pilot and aircraft were later sent to Canada: one to prision and the other to help raise money for the Bundles for Britain campaign.

As it was:

                   And now, IWM Duxford superb diorama of Perez’s      …

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