Hotel de Youssef é pichado e saqueado na Bahia

O hotel que o doleiro Alberto Youssef construiu na Bahia foi invadido, saqueado e pichado nesta quinta (26) em Porto Seguro (BA) por um grupo de vândalos; ninguém foi preso e não se sabe quantas pessoas estiveram na ação; a Polícia Federal de Porto Seguro confirmou o ato de vandalismo, sem dar mais detalhes; “Petrobras é do povo”, “Quem rouba de ladrão tem cem anos de perdão” e “O Hotel é do povo” foram algumas frases deixadas no local


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Japan, the JET Programme and five ways a 365 project will make you a better photographer

snow monkey photography

Japan, enchantingly photogenic, my home and muse for a year. This final post is an attempt to reflect upon my experiences, to give them a full stop.


A little bit of background. During my year in Japan I worked as an assistant language teacher on the JET programme (Japan Exchange Teaching). The programme is run by the Japanese government and seeks not just to help children learn English, but to promote cultural exchange and understanding. At any one time, there are 4,000 or so 22-40 year olds from English speaking countries on the scheme. The application process is pretty gruelling and you have little say over where in Japan you will be placed, but I would not hesitate for a second if you are thinking of applying. It offers an absolutely unique experience – unforgettable, broadening and life changing. No more cliches, I promise.


I was placed in Hagi City

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