Hello from Down Under

Emily Carter Mitchell ~ Nature as Art

A visit to this year’s Maryland Home & Garden Show brought a surprising find. Seems some locals from “Down Under” have shown up to represent Leanne Cole in Australia.

Meet Sydney, the first Kangaroo I’ve ever met. Seems Sydney was rather annoyed as his nap was being disturbed.



A bleating kept distracting me, and of course some baby goats were looking for ways to create mischief. Sort of like Winewankers. Come on..I dare you! I’m King of the Hill!


An then there was the baby…OK YOU GUESS ! What do you think this cute little bird is?


He wasn’t to happy having to babysit some little chicks. But it is all good, as he was born with an international passport.


As you can imagine, I didn’t want to leave this darling petting zoo at the Home & Garden show. The Green Meadows Farm south of Frederick, Maryland shared their little…

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