Make Your Own Artisanal Natural Cold Pressed Soap

4 Mothers


I’m here to tell you that creating the best handmade soap suited specifically to your needs or those of the people you love is entirely within your power.

But first I’m going to tell you how I failed to accomplish this for many years.

One November ages ago, I rode my bike down Queen Street and saw a sign in a cute indie fashion shop that said “Soapmaking Workshop”.  And although it’s hard for me to imagine doing this for any other type of workshop, I got off my bike and without thinking about it laid my money down.

The workshop was held in the kind of creepy basement of this shop, and about 10 of us squished in there.  The facilitator was knowledgeable and methodical, and had the credibility that comes with having your soap being carried in various shops around the city.  I left with my bars of soap…

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