Mezcal Vago


Mezcal Vaga

Mezcal is the next big thing for 2015. Here in Manchester, the category awareness has grown and specialist bars and restaurants have popped up to bring Mezcal to the public. One of the more interesting brands to hit the category here in the UK, is Mezcal Vago.

This specific Mezcal has been created by Aquilino García López and his family (Aquilino is the father-in-law of Mezcal Vago’s co-founder, Judah Kuper) for many a generation (the start date is lost in time) within the small village of Candeleria Yegolé on the border of Central Valley and Sierra Sur regions of Oaxaca in Mexico. Candeleria Yegolé is known to be an arid region of Oaxaca, making the conditions perfect for making Mezcal, especially with the close proximity of the confluence of two rivers.

Aquilino uses a traditional stone tahona to grind the cooked agave. a method that can take a couple of weeks if grinding a…

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